Sabtu, 23 Januari 2010

things thats different when you using canon DSLR

before i use my canon EOS 450d, i'm using nikon d80.
i was having much fun with my d80, until i had my first night shoot without flash.
ccd on d80 couldn't stand the heat, and having so much noise on the photo.
the photo almost can not be used, even when i used imagenomic noiseware.
then a few month latter, i sold my d80 and have this 450d.
this camera may have ISO range under my old D80.. but the noise level much lower.
night shoot never been any problem again..

a few week using it, i realize so much different thing from canon and nikon..
in nikon, F number will not much change your picture (except the bokeh) when you take shoot on studio..
but in canon.. you will have so much different picture when changing it..

other thing i realize, that the price of canon lenses is much cheaper than nikon lenses..

i was happy enough having 450d.. even when people tell me that i was stupid comparing it for my old d80.
i told you.. it much better...